Laying the Foundation

We firmly stand behind the idea that the how you start is just as important as how you finish. This is our principle that drives our extensive pre-construction services, from the first dig of the shovel to the final inspection.

Our team takes every aspect of the process into account to give you a comprehensive project development package. We have a hand in development early, so we can engage in constant communication and assist with planning. We set a pre-construction checklist that involves all key players, facilitates problem solving, establishes responsibility and sets the tone for a smooth workflow.

Our Pre-Construction Services

Our structured pre-construction phase leverages functional technology and databases to track each step of the production process. We use quality estimation take-off programs to assist with subcontractor selection, so you get the highest-quality services. This is our time to answer any questions you might have about the construction process. We offer:

  • Scope development
  • Site survey + logistics
  • Budget planning
  • Bid packaging + estimating

Over the years we’ve prioritized building trusted relationships with the leading architects, designers, engineers, and vendors to maximize productivity and value. We work closely with our industry partners to deliver a broad range of pre-construction options that set you up for success.

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