Breaking Barriers: Women in Construction

MAR. 11 – They are engineers, architects, administrators, and managers. They are builders and thinkers and problem solvers. They are holding it down and getting it done. They are women in construction, and they are here to stay.

It is no secret that construction is one of the most male-dominated professions in the world. As of 2020, women make up just 10.3% of the workforce, with even fewer in the field. However, upward trends show more women are demolishing gender barriers and challenging stereotypes to prove their value in integral leadership roles.

Pinhero Construction, Inc. celebrates the female powerhouses that keep us moving forward, today and everyday. Women, and strong women at that, compromise 31% of our company, ranging from accounting and marketing, to bid coordination and project management. Their skills and strengths have proven imperative to all aspects of the industry. In honor of the annual Women in Construction week, Pinhero is highlighting a few of our female powerhouses in hopes of inspiring future generations to consider a rewarding career in construction.

Eliza Carbajal

Title: Project Manager

Years in the industry: 15+

Finding her happy place in construction at the age of 18, Eliza maintains a wide range of experience in various fields of construction. From working with large corporate companies to small specialty contractors, Eliza has worked onsite for roadways projects, commercial, retail, residential and public works projects.

“Over the course of my 15+ years working in the construction industry, ‘women in construction’ has definitely taken a different direction. Not too long ago a contractor that employed a woman was considered “progressive’. Nowadays, it’s not unusual to find women holding an executive position, superintendent, and even an engineer.”

With an incredible talent to problem solve, there is no challenge Eliza will shy away from. As a project manager for Pinhero, she oversees all aspects of the building process to ensure they are completed on time and within budget. She has taken the lead on notable projects like Uptown Commons Development, Paderia Bakehouse, and Mirror.

“In a short period of time, women have proven their value in this industry, it is an exciting time to be a woman in construction, keep slaying it ladies!”


Jennifer Huddy

Title: Project Manager

Years in the industry: 1

Before joining the construction management team at Pinhero, Jennifer Huddy developed her sales and management background as the first employee for a medical sales company.

As a project manager, Jennifer has taken on roles involving her knowledge of project coordination and procurement. Responsible for the management of Pinhero’s in-house division, including scheduling of labor and materials, Jennifer has the ability to tackle just about any task thrown her way.

“Construction is learning to problem solve and multi-task so many aspects at once to create something that drives value. There are a lot of moving parts and pieces, but at the end of the day it’s rewarding to know you were part of it.”


Malia Pahoa

Title: Bid Coordinator

Years in the industry: 5

Malia Pahoa got her start in the industry 5 years ago quoting materials for an acoustical building materials designer. She then moved on to an operations position for a counter top & stone contractor before joining the Pinhero team as a bid coordinator.

With a wide range of knowledge in estimating and managing vendor operations, Malia’s outstanding work ethic and ability to quickly pick up tasks make her a dynamic force not just at Pinhero, but in the industry.


Olivia DiOrio

Title: Marketing Coordinator

Years in the industry: 1

After getting her start in public relations at a bi-coastal creative agency, Olivia explored her passion for connecting with people and joined the team at Pinhero as a marketing coordinator.

“There is so much more to construction than what is recognized. People simply aren’t informed about the amount of work that goes in to building the things we take for granted everyday.”

From producing print and digital materials, to content creation and outreach, Olivia brings her creative eye to new realms of construction. With an emphasis on bringing educational and valuable information to Pinhero’s platform, she continues to look for ways to connect with industry leaders.

“My advice for women looking to join the industry is be open to anything. You might not feel like you have the skills, but take everything head on and with an open mind – there is so much to learn.”

Women across the world are trailblazing what was once a dimly lit path for few. From trade professions to drone certifications, these ladies are shaping the face of the industry and proving that glass ceiling can, in fact, be shattered.