Paderia Bakehouse Celebrates Grand Opening in Santa Monica

Paderia Bakehouse knows good things really do come in small packages. Tucked in a small black box with delectable aromas bursting at the seems, the warm collection of pastries is enough to make anyone drop their salad and place an order. The bakery celebrated the grand opening of their newest store in Santa Monica on Saturday, April 24, from 10am-6pm.

The OC-based bakery, known for their open until “sold out” approach, now has three locations across southern California for guests to satisfy their cookie fix. The third location for modern bakehouse sits on the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and Berkeley in the heart of LA’s shopping district.

At 1,202 square feet, Paderia houses delicious flavors in a beautifully decorated setting. Aesthetically similar to their Irvine location, which launched in the middle of 2020, the store features succulent wall décor, porcelain tile accents, and a glistening display case coined for making mouths water.

Hailing from the minds of life-long friends turned business partners, Davion Tran and Nathan Vuong set out on the adventure of a lifetime – building a dessert empire. And you could say they have done pretty well so far.

“Paderia is a globally inspired bakehouse and what that means is we take our inspirations from around the world where our goal is to bring these amazing pastries from different cultures under one roof”, said co-founder Davion Tran. “Our focus is on simplicity and quality, day in and day out.”

If you’ve been to any of the Paderia stores, you know this isn’t your run-of-the-mill pastry shop. Baked fresh daily, each item takes two to three days to prepare, using exclusively imported quality goods and carefully sourced ingredients. Deeply immersed in the food scene, Paderia has a talented team of top-notch bakers behind them.

“We let the product and ingredients speak for themselves” adds Tran.

With locations in Fountain Valley, Irvine, and now Santa Monica, Paderia continues to add an evolving list of creations to their roster. Serving up triple chocolate cookies, ube malasadas, savory bread pudding, and now iced coffee, the bakery curates unique flavors with influences from around the world.  

See project photos here.