Studio rooms equipped with various types of equipment.

Case Study

SPENGA Fitness

4,417 sq. ft
Fitness Studio
Pasadena, CA.

Spenga Fitness is a revolutionary fitness facility combining spin, HIIT, and yoga for a dynamic new experience.

About the Project

SPENGA Fitness is a full-service fitness facility in Pasadena, CA. Putting their own spin on the classic interval-style workout, this local studio has curated a large community of fitness fanatics. Proudly known as the first SPENGA studio in California on the west coast, the Pasadena location is located in an epicenter of flourishing restaurants and residential neighborhoods – making it the perfect destination for the growing franchise.

Pinhero performed tenant improvements on the existing tenant space to include new locker rooms/shower rooms, storage and fitness areas with new flooring, new HVAC, new lighting, and finishes throughout. The full scope of work included demolition, revisions to architectural details, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work.

The facility is sectioned off into rooms for yoga, spin, and strength with fixed equipment features in each. Renovations were also made to the lobby, utility and storage rooms, and locker rooms. The existing bathrooms were enlarged to house full amenities including ADA compliant mirrors, showers, lockers, hand dryers, shower columns, and other necessary utilities.

The studio is lined with decorative pendant lights and recessed fixtures to highlight the workout stations. Exit signs and surface mounted emergency fixtures can be found throughout the facility.

Revolutionizing the World of Fitness

With locations in nearly 20 states across the US, SPENGA is changing the way we workout. By drawing from three core elements of fitness, they’ve created a unique formula that combines spin, strength training, and yoga. 60 minute sessions are broken down in to three intervals of 20 minutes each for an invigorating hour of heart-pumping movement.

Known for their modern style, SPENGA studios include classy amenities for their guests. The Pasadena location features beverages, clothing, eco-friendly personal care products, aromatherapy, and spa-like essentials.

Pinhero carefully sourced elements unique to the SPENGA brand. Each room was built with functionality in mind to ensure that every detail, from televisions to lighting, aligned with the clients’ vision. Crews stocked the classic black and green studios with hundreds of items of equipment and panels to hold weights.

The Results

Keeping construction to a 20 week timeline, Pinhero performed the necessary interior tenant improvements while adhering to the city's mandated 2016 Green Building Standards.

All construction was officially complete for SPENGA Pasadena in February 2020.

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