Construction Safety Week To Take Place Sept 14-18

SEPT. 14 – The nationally recognized Construction Safety Week will take place Sept 14-18 across America. Founded in 2014 and formally branded in 2016, the annual campaign aims to bring awareness to the importance of safety on the jobsite. 

With a growing number of sponsors, partners, and members, the movement encourages construction workers to share their best practices for remaining injury free. Construction Safety Week provides the industry with tools and resources needed to promote safety culture, including social media templates and guides. 

The week-long event coincides with I Build America’s third annual Construction Appreciation Week. Together, the two events generate a nationwide following around the values of construction. 

Participants are encouraged to share their stories on social media and encourage fellow industry employees, craft professionals, and businesses to be involved with the campaign. Using the hashtag #ConstructionSafetyWeek to become nationally recognized.

Sponsors include Associated General Contractors of America, Caterpillar, National Academy of Construction, Stantec, and Zurich. 

Safety spotlights from experts are shared on the campaign’s website to highlight the importance of building safety culture within the construction sector. They share best practices, safety programs, and updated industry health and safety standards.

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