The Future of Construction Post Pandemic

FEB. 8 – Like everyone else, the construction industry was left to navigate the charting waters of COVID-19. Segmenting work areas, mandating temperature checks, and monitoring the number of employees caused strain on many sectors, especially for high-profile projects.

Despite the challenges, this uncertainty has opened a door for innovative new techniques to shape the way we build. Technology continues to lead the way, including the ability to remotely control operations in the field. Data from the NIST shows a rise in the use of drones and 3D printing, as well as robots workers that have assumed jobs once performed by laborers.

The industry has also seen an upward trend in spending on PPE equipment for worker gear and sanitizing products. Current circumstances have placed emphasis on the importance of safety and cleanliness on the jobsites.

The biggest shift may come in the coming years as we see some industries decline while others continue to rise. The US is predicted to see an increased demand in healthcare facilities and roads, while retail, restaurant, and commercial construction may be dwindling. The fluctuations in economic trends have contractors keeping an eye on possible shifts in how they do business.